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10 Jul 2021 - 10 Jul 2022

€ 45.00 p.p.

€ 45.00 senior price

€ 17.00 per child

As we have been doing for years, we organise our Sunday brunch every week.
These brunches are an ideal opportunity to dine with friends or family.
To celebrate a baptism, retirement or a birthday.

We welcome you with a sparkling glass of Cava or orange juice.
After his we bring you soup, after which you can serve yourself at an extensive hot and cold buffet.
This includes various meat and fish dishes, potato dishes and salads.
To conclude, you can enjoy a pallet of sweet desserts.

You can take as many soft drinks, coffee and tea as you wish.

We bid you a warm welcome, brunch is however only possible after reservation: 0032 3 663 05 09 or

Starts 13 – 5 pm 

Price: 40€ per person
Price: 19€ children from 7 -16
Price: 10€ children from 3 - 6

Public holidays:
Price: 44€ per person
Price: 21€ children from 7 -16
Price: 12€ children from 3 - 6

A separate buffet can only be provided from 100 people.
Brunch can only be organised during the day.

A separate room only has limited availability and needs to be booked in advance.
A supplement will be charged if the number of guests doesn’t reach full capacity.