Fine Wining

Experience a unique twist on a 5-course dinner in the company of 8 tasting wines! Let yourself be enchanted by the alchemy of wine in harmony with a gastronomic masterpiece, under the guidance of experienced experts Tom Vandevelde from Van der Valk-Dennenhof and Wim Van Doninck from Mon Vin.

Price: Only €95.00 per person, including soft drinks and table water, as well as coffee and tea.

Availability: On request, starting from 25 people. Reservations: Send an email to

What can you expect? Enjoy five delightful dishes, each accompanied by two exquisite wines, each with its own story. Some dishes will even be accompanied by two wines at the same time!

During this culinary journey, we will also explore your personal preferences. We taste the wines separately first and then in combination with the dish. You will receive valuable tips on which wine style pairs best with ingredient X or Y. We will even discuss whether the dominant ingredient in the dish takes the lead or if we need to consider, for example, that hint of spicy sauce on the plate.

In short, this is an evening where you will consciously explore your taste senses, discovering new aromas, flavors, and wines you might not have imagined. Furthermore, without lecturing, we will share interesting theories and fascinating facts with you.

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