Rail bikes


Rail bikes

Looking for a fun activity for the whole family? Then cycle along 'in the wake of the military', from Kapellen to Brasschaat and back.

Take a seat on a rail bike, listen to the instructions and climb 5 km, to Kamp Noord in Brasschaat. On the way you drive through the forest in a historically valuable and untouched landscape. For example, you cycle through nature reserve 'De Uitlegger' and the famous Antitank canal, which was built between the two world wars.

After an hour of stairs you arrive in Perron Noord, a former military camp located next to the oldest military airport in Belgium. Here you can enjoy a well-deserved break.

Practical information

There are two types of bicycles, for up to 5 people and 12 people.

At the Fortsteenweg in Kapellen the adventure starts, here you can pick up or buy tickets.

You can complete the route in the morning or in the afternoon. The track is alternating one-way traffic so you can only leave at fixed times. Also in rainy weather it's possible, because then a roof is provided and you are nice and dry.

Rail bikes can be used from the Easter holidays until after the autumn holidays.

To reserve

Reservations can only be made via www.spoorfietsen.be or 0474 48 16 03.